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A Better Way To Build

These three aspects of a house have undergone significant changes since 2000. These aspects are all potentially giant headaches if not transaction killers during resale if not adequately addressed.


1. Foundation: Critical in North Texas as we have soils that move so much; the best, hands down, out there is by Tella Firma it is a "structurally suspended slab". A fantastically brilliant idea.


2. Frame: Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) are the one of two systems that greatly surpasses the standards of the three most important exterior envelop concerns: R-value, air infiltration/moisture infiltration, and structural strength. R-Control SIPs has even added a termite/mold treatment to the skins and to the foam that comes with a 20 year warranty against wood destroying insects and mold/mildew.


3. Roof: Gerard stone-coated metal roofing systems. The only roof that comes, incomparably, with a limited transferable life-time warranty. The Class "A" fire rating gets you a substantial insurance discount as does the UL 2218 Class 4 hail rating which is the highest in the industry.


"You might be stunned at just how affordable quality home construction is and just how poor of a home so many people invest in, particularly in the mid to high end ranges."                                                                                     Matt Mitchell

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to build a home?

        That varies relative to what you want to build, for instance: A long skinny house costs more per square foot than a square one. A two story house costs less per square foot than a single story. The finish out will have a lot to say as to the final cost of a house.  I know builders that build at $100.00 per sf and builders that build at $1,000.00 per sf. The best way to get a "ballpark" idea of cost is to sit down with me and share what you are thinking.

2. Do you do remodeling?


3. What is "Green"?

        Unfortunately, a standardization for green is difficult to define in a way that would please everybody. As a custom home builder I will build to your specification and we do not mind getting 3rd party inspections to substantiate it. The science of green construction is fascinating and can be dangerous so you must be very careful here.

4. Do you have a specification sheet?

         Yes, but it is adjusted to what you are looking for.

5. Will you send me more information?

        Absolutely, give me a call or email me.

6. Can we sit down and talk?

        Would love to, give me a call. I like to meet in my house so we can use my house as talking points.

7. Can you help with real estate?

        Yes, Matt holds his real estate license since 2003 with an outstanding firm called Gilchrist and Company Real Estate and is Green Certified. He represents buyers and sellers.

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